2nd Clinical Trials Methodology Conference, Edinburgh, November 2013

The 1st Clinical Trials Methodology Conference in Bristol in 2011 was severely over subscribed, so this was the first I was able to attend.

Holding a conference for over 700 people in December in Edinburgh might not be the best timing, but luckily there wasn't much call to leave the venue.

This came across to me as a mixture between the HTAi and SCT conferences, with a dash of JSM thrown in for good measure (though that's not particularly a good thing).

The highlights for me

  • a good range
  • sufficient material on delivering pragmatic trials
  • meeting people

My major downside was being unable to spot required knowledge for sessions, mostly related to statistics. It's entirely reasonable that sessions at a conference like this expect in depth statistical knowledge, but this is an event about trials methods, not just statistics - and it would behove either presenters to build up better to the statistics they present, or the organisers to indicate in the abstracts what statistical knowledge is required to appreciate a session.

Assuming there is a 3rd CTMC, I'm planning to attend.