3 Apple Products

3 Apple Products

In the past month I've bought three Apple products. I'm going to keep two of them

Apple Watch

This is a series 3 Apple Watch. It's much like the Series 0 (the orginal model) that I've had for the last couple of years except

  1. It actually runs WatchOS 4 reasonably
  2. It's faster
  3. It's waterproof

And 3 is the reason I got it... so I can swim with it.


Having had headphones yanked out of my ears far too often while mowing the lawn, I finally got a pair of these when they showed up at my local Apple store.

They're good - definately better than the headphones that come in the iPhone box (as they should be for this price). And better than the bluetooth headphones I had already

AppleTV 4k

As a keen afficiondo of the previous version, especially for Plex, and the owner of a 4k HDR capable TV, I thought this would be an obvious purchase.

No so much.

I really can't spot any difference between this and the previous version at viewing distances. It's a touch faster... but not £200 faster.

This is the one I returned.