Are you looking for a new Summer House, or other wooden garden building?

Are you looking for a new Summer House, or other wooden garden building?

If so, my advice is not to go within miles of Hampshire Summer Houses. After many months I have finally received confirmation from my credit card company that they have recovered my money, and I can finaly dispose of the shoddy pile of wood that has been taking space in my garden.

Their facebook page is covered in good stories. This does not represent my experience.

Purchased in November 2017, we were promised installation by Christmas. The parts were dumped on my front lawn in January 2018, and a installation date finally set for the 9th February - Chris (a director) saying he'd been out of the office for two weeks and blaming his team for not getting in contact.

On the 9th, one guy turned up. He didn't actually start work with them 'til the next week, and had never assembed this model before. He spent a lot of time with the instructions and on the phone seeking advice.

Once he was done, it was clear there was a problem

  • The door didn't open or close properly, because the lock wasn't installed correctly.
  • Where the lock should have been was a hole.
  • The windows leaked... as did the roof.
  • Screws went through wood and attached to ... nothing - leaving sharp ends exposed at head height.
It shouldn't be this challenging to apply a lock to a door.

And on top of that, great gouges were taken out of a new garden table.

All call to Hampshire Summer Houses eventially brought Chris's business partner Jason to look at it (because Chris was out of the office for two weeks again, and aparently no one else can answer the phone or reply to email). He  replaced the doors, applied some sealing gel, and covered up some (but not all) of the dysfunctional screws with bits of wood. But it still leaked, and the doors didn't work.

Don't think that screw is doing the intended job 

So I rejected the building under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. And that's the last I heard from them. No one acknowledgement that they'd supplied a shoddy building. They just walked away, presumably assuming they'd managed to bilk me out of the money and dump a shoddly pile of wood on me.

This is how Hampshire Summer Houses think a door should fit

Further calls and emails were met with a brick wall. Eventually I recovered all my money through my credit card provider - but I'm still left with this useless collection of wood that I have to dispose of myself. This really isn't an experience I'd receomend to you.

If you're looking for a wooden garden building, I'd go elsewhere.