Installing Windows 7

I thought I'd give FoCal a go. FoCal is some potentially useful software which performs focus microadjustment for some Canon cameras, automatically. The obvious major drawback to FoCal is it's currently Windows only software - and that meant installing Windows on my Mac.

Luckily, I had a copy of Windows 7 lying around from a few years ago, and due to a problem with virtual machines, I've had three goes at installing Windows in the past week - once into a Parallels virtual machine, once into a Fusion virtual machine, and once into a partition on a MacBook Pro via Boot Camp.

Why is the Windows installation experience so poor? I know it's something people don't do very often - and most people don't do at all - but it's not a good first impression.

I really don't get why Windows still has to reboot when it finds new drivers - but not all the time. And why the inevitable set of updates after a new installation also require multiple reboots. One, to make sure all the fresh code is loaded, sure. But why more than one?

BeOS had this right over a decade ago. MacOSX gets it right. Linux, while challenging as a desktop OS, doesn't have to reboot for updates at all.