New Conservative Candidate = Old Conservative MP

New Conservative Candidate = Old Conservative MP

Sadly, despite the appaling perfomance of Mims Davies (who has now run away from Eastleigh to inflict herself on the unfortunate mid Sussex constituency), we have been landed with a conservative candidate who seems just as vaccuous and disinterested in engaging on the issues as his predecessor.

Questions that Paul Holmes likes to answer:

about biscuits...

Questions he's not so keen on:

Can't explain why I should vote for him

No robust thoughts about selling the NHS

And just ignores questions about likely deaths in his desired constituency

He just ignored this one.


This appears to be yet another person who wants to be a career politician, but any constituency will do. On top of that, rather like Mims he'll thoughtlessly parrot and follow the party line.

It would have been really good to have a decent, thoughtful, one nation conservative who wouldn't just jump when the party leader says so, and wouldn't nod along with the repeated debunked lies, to vote for. No such luck.

Time to vote for anyone but Paul Holmes