I like to try to put some sort of help system in my apps - either using the default Mac help menu, or rolling my own for iOS apps.

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Producing the content for either approach usually involved writing lots of html, manually assigning links, then trying to massage the resulting files into a format which my app can display.

This is tricky enough for iOS, but almost impossible without resorting to the manual almost every time for the Mac - due to the Mac help browser's insistance on a particular format for the help files, extra tags in some of the html headers, and the need to add the right nodes to the app's plist.

I've previously used a comercial help editor - but that didn't help at all with integrating the output into my app, and an upgrade or two of MacOSX ago it just stopped working. It also had a nasty habit of deleting my work without warning.

So I've made my own. It's simple, and quick. It takes markdown, css and images, and writes out either plain HTML or a property formatted .help bundle for incorportation into your Mac app. It then tells you exactly what to add to your app's info.plist to integrate the help bundle.

Have a look at for more information, and if you like what you see, get it here.