Sous Vide Chocolate Tempering

I bit more on chocolate tempering using the Nomiku - as it's the end of the Christmas term and the children's teachers need chocolate houses!

  1. Vacuum pack the chocolate. Up to 1kg in a pack seems to work well.
  2. Drop in a water bath at 45°C. It'll melt fast. Unsurprisingly, given it's almost impossible to get all the air out of a pack of callets using a domestic vacuum sealer the bag will float in the bath initially, but as the chocolate melts the bag sinks. Not sure I can explain that.
  3. Once the chocolate is completely melted, with no lumps - it'll only take a few minutes - bring the waterbath down to 27°C. I do that by swopping about ⅔ of the water for cold water from the tap. Agitate the bag frequently as the chocolate cools. It'll need about 5 minutes for the chocolate to cool to 27°C.
  4. Bring the waterbath up to 32°C. Agitate the chocolate every minute or so. The chocolate should be useable and tempered after about 5 minutes - just snip a corner of the bag and pip it where you want.

Once you're done, if there's chocolate left in the bag it's easy to reseal.