Upload for online first

Upload for online first

Odd phrase is't it? I've been looking at it for about a week now at the BMJ Open submission portal.


According to the FAQ, this is one of the production stages involved in getting an accepted paper from the submitted document to a published referenceable output:

  1. Clean up – the article is being formatted by the typesetter, before being copyedited
  2. Copy edit – the article is with the copy editor
  3. Typeset – the typesetter is in the process of creating a proof of the article
  4. Author proof – the article is with the corresponding author for review and correction
  5. Production QC – the production editor is in the process of marking up the author
    corrections, plus any additional changes to the layout
  6. Correction – the proof is with the typesetter for correction
  7. Revises – the corrected proof is with the production editor to check and sign off
  8. Upload for online first – the article has been approved, and is awaiting publication
  9. Awaiting an issue – your article has been published online and is waiting to be allocated to an issue

Anyway, I've been looking at this for over a week, and I was wondering how long it's actually going to take - this is the first time I've published with BMJ Open as the first/corresponding author. Google was unenlightening, so I'm puting this here for people in the same position. I'll update it once the paper is actually published. They've already given me the doi, but there's nothing there at the time of writing.