The Black Coach Rides Again... ?

The Black Coach Rides Again... ?
The Black Coach in action against Stormcast Dragons in Ringwood, 2022

Having arranged a fluffy game at the Hampshire Hammerers, I though I'd head back towards one of my early 3rd Edition Nighthaunt lists, with a Black Coach.

The Black Coach, at the bottom'left of the screen. That's as about as much of it as I saw all game.

Having been given the first turn against a Living Cities army, I held back, cautiously advancing onto the bottom right objective, and scored 5 points for hold 1, 2, more, and desecrating lands. I was ready to use the coach next turn as necessary.

But that opportunity never arrived.

Drachya Hammerdryath

On rushed Drachya Hammerdryath and a horde of archers from just off the board, and shot my coach to pieces.

It never moved.

What it did do is stop those archers shooting more more important command models - Lady Olynder, a Spirit Torment, and a Guardian of Souls 'lived' to run away. And they ran exactly as far as needed to be out of the threat range.

One unit and one spell did some really good things for me though.

This was the first time I'd used Dreadscythe Harridans in Quicksilver Dead, and they were really good. Unsurpring against the Phoenix Guard who usually have a 4+ ward, which they can ignore. But loads of low quality attacks into moderately armoured foes worked wonders.

The Phoenic Guard. Soon to be blended by my Harridans.

And the Purple Sun was once again outstanding, increasing rend, and doing about 20 mortal wounds to Drycha through the game. Not an effect I take the Sun for, but useful when it happens.